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Choosing the Right Golf Course

Know your skill, and improve

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There are so many levels of courses- choose the right one for you

Picking the right golf course to play at can make or break your enjoyment of the sport. So many people want to jump straight into the most lavish courses when their skill set simply isn't there. This can be detrimental to your confidence on the grass, and your ability to become better at golf.

For Beginners

Be sure to choose a golf course without many hazards. Choosing a course that is riddled with playing hazards will make it difficult to learn the basics of the sport because you'll have to hit out of bunkers and through the rough constantly. Try something a bit easier with a wide fairway. This way you can master your stroke without any unwanted hiccups. Be sure to regularly practice some simple golf drills to increase your ability.

For Intermediate Players

Intermediate players will want to choose a slightly more difficult golf course to regularly be playing on. However, don't jump the gun and head straight for the most difficult golf course in the world. You'll want o to choose a course that has some playing hazards, but nothing with super deep bunkers, sheer drop-offs, or water hazards directly on the fairway.

Advanced Players

The world is your oyster. Shuck it up!

You are an advanced player so to keep your skills refined you'll have to play on unforgiving courses. However, don't forget to take a step back to the basics once in a while and play on some intermediate and beginner courses as well. This will keep your skill sharp and your enjoyment levels high. Nothing is worse than playing only difficult level courses and then hitting a rut.

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