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Golf in the Southern Hemisphere

When it's winter up north, it's golf season down south

Southern Hemisphere Golf

Around the world, the majority of golfers live in the northern hemisphere, but that's not to say that there aren't some absolutely mind-blowing golf courses in the southern hemisphere.

We want to highlight some of our favorite golf courses that we've tee'd off from in the southern part of the world.


One of our all-time favorite golf courses is on the tropical island of Fiji. The water aroudn the island is turquoise blue, and the course is littered with breezy palm trees and welcoming locals. Located in Nadi, the capital city of Fiji, lies Denarau Golf Club.

Denaru is special because of how beautiful the grounds are. The grass is kept to a meticulously high standard, and the clubhouse is impeccable. There are always tropical beverages to be had, and the employees are true professionals.


Our favorite golf club in Australia is The Royal Melbourne West Golf Club. This is due to it's perfect location. It is right next to our favorite city in Australia. The surrounding city boasts thousands of great cafes, bars, clubs, and restaurants to explore. Getting our of the bustling city and onto a perfectly kept rolling expanse of golf is fantastic.

New Zealand

The golf course that takes the 3rd place on our list of great golf courses in the southern hemisphere belongs to Jack's Point Golf Course on the South Island of New Zealand. This 18 hole par 72 championship course is nestled up next to a beautiful blue lake at the base of some of the world's most majestic mountains. The views from Jack's Point are simply breathtaking.

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